A downloadable game for Windows

Play the HangDrum to the sounds of birds & a river flowing nearby

you also have the option to jam with a backing track which currently includes a drum pattern and a pad! (Use mouse over slider at the top left corner of the screen to increase/decrease volume of backing track)

Use both hands, the right one for percussion on the arrow keys

and the left one to play a melody on the keys ZXC ASD QWE   , where Z represents the lowest note and E the highest note in the scale! 

Everything made by me in around 3 days for the Music Game Jam 2018, this was the first game I ever  code & my first game jam :D  

Install instructions

Extract and Run


Forest Sonica v1.zip 39 MB


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This was really relaxing. Kinda like a music toy to play with for a bit. I appreciate the polyphony which made it possible to make some cute harmonies. Good job! 

:D happy you enjoyed it

Simple and straight-forward. I'm not sure why but I really dig the art style! Its fits well for the song and play style.

Thank you for the feedback glad you liked it :D